Dr. Molika Verma

dr molika verma

Dr. Molika Verma

Dr. Molika Verma, a skilled Nutritionist, Psychologist, and Counselor, specializes in Ayurveda, therapeutic diets, and wellness. With accolades like the Vestige and Kota Pride Awards, she currently serves at SRG Hospital.

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A multifaceted professional, Dr. Molika Verma uniquely combines her expertise as a Nutritionist, Psychologist, and Counselor. Having completed her Post Graduation in Nutrition, she excels in the realm of wellness and holds specialized knowledge in Ayurveda and therapeutic diets. Beyond her nutritional prowess, Dr. Verma stands out for her keen insights into patient psychology.

Her dedication to holistic health and wellness has earned her several accolades, including the Vestige Award, Kota Pride Award, and the Jagruk Janta Award. In terms of professional affiliations, Dr. Verma has enriched Sarvam De Addiction Hospital with her expertise. As of now, she continues to make impactful contributions to the field of health and well-being at SRG Hospital. Through a blend of traditional and contemporary knowledge, Dr. Verma remains a beacon for holistic health and psychological well-being.


Nutritionist, Psychologist and Counselor


–> Post Graduation

Areas of Expertise


Vestige Award
Kota Pride Award
Jagruk Janta Award

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